Personal data protection on the webiste

Data collected on our website
Access to the website is free, and registration is not required. When you contact us through the contact form or by e-mail, you enter your data (name and surname, e-mail, telephone, address, country, city; the message text, you provide some information about yourself). The said information is only available to the employees of Natura Camp Karli in charge of dealing with your request. The provision of your personal data is voluntary. We do not process more data than necessary to answer your inquiry.

Protecting your personal data
Natura Camp Karli respects your privacy and processes your personal information in conformity with all personal data protection laws. For your protection, we use all necessary technical, organisational and personnel measures and procedures of personal data protection to prevent unauthorised use of personal data.

Electronic messages
When you send us electronic mail (e-mail) with your personal data that enable your identification, regardless of whether it is electronic mail with a question or a contact form located on the website delivered to us by electronic mail, we use the said data solely for purposes of fulfilling your requests. We do not process your personal data for marketing purposes. They are deleted from our mail programme at the end of the calendar year, except if you have not become our clients, in which case your data is entered into our client database for purposes of issuing an invoice for services provided and guest registration at E-visitor and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia.

Cancellation and your access to personal data
Your personal data you made available to us will be kept only during the period of time sufficient to fulfil the initial purpose of its collection. You are authorised at all times to request a notification about which of your personal data we have in our database and to request to change all or some of the personal data (the right to correction) or cancel it (the right to erasure). This is performed by contacting us at and delivering the notification with your request. If you make some of these requests, we shall make all reasonable efforts to confirm your identity and prevent all unauthorised access to your personal data.

Delivering personal data to other recipients
We do not deliver your personal data to other recipients. On our site, you can be offered the use of social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram) via a link, and other services like Google Map, YouTube which enable personal data sharing. Privacy protection rules on these portals may differ from Privacy Protection Rules of the website.

Server stats and Google Analytics
The website is a user of Google Analytics services offered by the company Google LLC ( for purposes of measuring website traffic. Google Analytics uses cookies – small text files automatically downloaded to the hard disc of the user’s computer aimed at monitoring website traffic. The data collected and privacy terms and conditions of this service are published at You can reject the use of cookies by choosing certain settings on your browser, noting that it can affect full functionality of the Page. Using the Page, you grant your permission to process your data by Google in the aforementioned manner. The website is a user of services provided by social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram). Please read the Privacy Protection Rules used on other websites and social networking sites.

Protection measures
Natura Camp Karli is a user of technological and safety measures, rules and other procedures aimed at protecting personal data of the user of this Page against unauthorised access, misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction. In order to secure protection of the confidentiality of data of website users, Natura Camp Karli uses standard industrial measures of protection, e.g. firewall and password protection. The user is obliged to make sure that the computer s/he is using is safe and protected, aware that without adequate security measures (e.g. safe configuration of Internet browser, updated antivirus programmes, personal firewall programmes, declining the use of programmes from suspicious sources) there is the risk that the data and the passwords s/he is using to prevent access to personal data can be disclosed to unauthorized third persons, in which case Natura Camp Karli does not assume responsibility.

Protection of minors
This Page is intended for adults. Natura Camp Karli does not collect personal data about minors (defined as persons under the age of 18) without prior verifiable consent of his/her legal representative. In other words, legal representative is entitled, at his/her personal request, to review the data that the minor has provided and/or to request the cancellation of the said data.

Although we are taking all available technical, organisational and personnel measures aimed at preventing unauthorised disclosure of your personal data, we cannot guarantee that some of the personal data we are collecting will never be disclosed accidentally, contrary to the provisions set forth herein. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude the liability for damage inflicted to users or third persons by accidental disclosure of personal data.

Server stats and Google Analytics
This website uses Google Analytics to measure traffic statistics.

Data protection officer

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Using the site the user consents to the handling of personal data in the above manner.